Capital Shoppers

                                     Delivering shopping solutions at your comfort.


Capital Shoppers was formed to meet the daily needs of working class people, who due to their busy job schedules have little time to meet their domestic objectives such as shopping, doing bookings, payment of bills (E.g Electricity bills), etc.

We save you time and money, as we beat the rains and traffic jams for you, so as to ensure timely delivery of your orders.

We shop on your behalf and deliver to your office, homes, or even arrange to send your shopping and gifts to your family and friends upcountry.

Through our sister company "Mass Solutions Media", we also offer services including Graphic designing & Printing, Branding, Video Coverage & Editing and Photography.

We also have creative writers who come up with creative writings E.g Poems for loved ones and also use the same to come up with nice gift designing and presentation.

Others include Feature stories for corporates, P.R Consultancy and Event organizing.


Customers email or call us on their specific orders, giving shopping details, their location, and where to be delivered plus phone number.


To confirm your order, please send an S.M.S to 0720 573 176. We will also use the sender's number for contact information.

The customer will meet the cost of the shopping as receipted by the supermarket or other outlets plus our commission on delivery.

Charges will vary according to distance and the workload involved. We have sign-ups on contract basis for clients who would prefer doing shopping, paying bills, bookings or any of our

other services quite often, which comes at a DISCOUNT (even for those contracting for more than one service, E.g Shopping and paying of Electricity bills, Delivery etc)


We operate Daily between 8.00 AM and 5.00 PM (Excluding Sundays).


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Email    :
Email    :
Phone:      0720 - 573 176
P.O Box   102144 - 00101